JQ Biotech Research and Development

Research and Development

Research and Development is the foundation of JQ Biotech Sdn Bhd whereby our products are developed through continuous research on fresh ideas and improving existing products' quality.

Our R&D team derives fresh ideas revolving on biotechnology, innovative concepts, and green technology in order to gear towards a better and more sustainable future in the agriculture sector.

Internally, through advance analytical instruments, our R&D team is able to develop products that are on par with the global standards. Externally, our team has recently collaborated with Riam Institute of Technology and Universiti Putra Malaysia for more R&D projects as well as products' evaluation.

Situated within a plantation area, JQ Biotech is able to forge close relationship with our customers as we are able to focus on their needs and problems to further refine and develop products that are well-suited for the customers.

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