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21st June 2012

JQ Biotech Sdn Bhd Awarded The Best Innovation in Biotechnology & Agro Technology 2012

JQ Biotech Sdn Bhd Awarded The Best Innovation in Biotechnology & Agro Technology 2012

In 21st June 2012, JQ Biotech reached another new height. JQ Biotech patented some newly formulated bio-based products that present a significant impact on the oil palm industry. For this innovation, JQ Biotech was awarded as "The Best Innovation in Biotechnology & Agro Technology 2012" & "AAA" for the Year 2012 under 1-innCERT rating by SME Corporation Malaysia & SIRIM Berhad. Certification for the SME Innovation Awards is based on online assessment and audit of products and services by domestic and foreign experts of the joint assessment mission, which took six months of observation and repeated site visits.

The award was presented by YAB Prime Minister,Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the SME Innovation Showcase 2012 (SMIDEX 2012). The SME Innovation Showcase is the premier Award to acknowledge and recognize the most innovative SME for 2012. "One of the strategic goals under the plan is to promote innovation and the adoption of technology by SMEs," The Prime Minister said in his keynote address at the launch of SMIDEX 2012.

After years of research and trials, it was found that the application of JQ Biotech products had increase the FFB yield per hectare from 26.34 MT in Year 2010 to 36.49 MT in year 2011 at Tatau Estate of Woodman Group.

Through these R&D and application of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticide enzymes, Woodman Group's Bintulu region of 16,000 ha of planted oil palm plantationis expected to reach an average of 37MTper hectare this year. Next year, they expect their yield to increase to approximately 40 MT per hectare, which is more than double that of Sarawak's production! This commercial success, along with the recent award of 2012 Best Innovation in Biotechnology & Agro Technology, is a testimony to JQ Biotech's continuous effort in the advancement of agricultural innovation through science and technology.

Having invested RM4.5 million in highly technical research and development lab equipment, RIT and JQ Biotech pledge another RM2 million in further R&D with UPM over the next three years, to further our research and development and to break higher grounds and maximize oil palm production.


October 2013

From R & D to Downstream Oil Palm Player - Buletin Utama TV3

PIPOC 2013

19-21st November 2013

JQ Biotech participated in PIPOC 2013: Green Opportunities from the Golden Crop organized by MPOB

JQ Biotech participated in PIPOC 2013

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board International Palm Oil Congress (PIPOC), is a biennial event organized by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB). Held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 19-21 November 2013 with more than 200 exhibition booths, PIPOC offers a stimulating environment for conferences and exhibitions. As an exhibitor, JQ Biotech introduced the latest agro technology and biotechnology for sustainable agriculture.

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